Amazon Web Services

Meegaan is one of the cloud service solution provider who always research and identify the need of its clients and don’t leave a single stone unturned to make things happen which are really needed to meet their acceptation and just because of that we have AWS (Amazon Web Services) .

AWS is one of the best cloud technologies available in the market and we provide all the products and services of AWS to our clients.

What we have in store for our clients:

  • Provide you with a virtual server
  • Configure the AWS Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Cloud setup and service
  • Provide you with networking and computing services including database, storage etc.
  • Host a static website, dynamic website or web application
  • Provide AWS consultancy that helps in scaling to very large data stores efficiently and cost-effectively

We make you control and configure the OS on your virtual server. While you are using AWS , we are accountable to help you in securing your application, website and database etc. ​​​