Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is a process of partial or complete deployment of an enterprise’s IT resources, data, services, digital assets, applications or other business elements on the cloud platform. It’s a merger of an on-site IT infrastructure with a remote cloud infrastructure.

Transitioning your business-critical investments to the cloud doesn’t have to be challenging or intimidating. Regardless of the industry, just about every company has become a technology company out of necessity. Your enterprise breathes through IT, and if you’re limited to on-premises servers and applications then you’re likely giving your competitors an advantage. Migrating to the cloud means breaking away from the technologies that are holding you and your enterprise back from the speed, scalability, and cost savings that the cloud has to offer. With Meegaan Technologies stay ahead of everything that is holding your business back.

Meegaan Technologies helps you migrate confidently and with lower risk, with tools to help you plan and migrate, and resources to keep you informed as you go.

why cloud migration?

We are number analysing experts, with an informed worldview who will help your business to get along and to profit with Cloud Migration services. We offer our Customers:

  • Application Migration to the Cloud
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Application Architecture, Consulting & Planning
  • Pre-Migration Server Assessment
  • Cloud Engineering & Consulting

We help increase value through cloud migration services

  • Our deep vendor relationships and knowledge of third-party tools allow us to apply the right solutions and minimize risk on your behalf.
  • We know how to solve not just the technical challenges that you face but also their associations for your finances, regulatory compliance, lines of business, and more.
  • We have established tools that perform detailed analysis of multiple migration scenarios to build the right business case and cloud migration strategy for your needs.
  • With the amazing team, we know how to help solve your licensing challenges, target tech stack requirements, cloud-native application needs, etc. -in short, all of the tech issues you face in migration.

Looking for a First-Class Cloud Migration Specialist?