IT Consulting

We help transform your business through a collaborative approach, you have the expertise needed to help grow your business, drive revenue, improve efficiency and become agile. We have the capabilities and scale required to combine cross-industry, operational and technical expertise to successfully manage transformation and provide for lasting business performance. With our unique thinking capabilities and a keen eye to analyze every small detail, we are able to provide the best solutions. We take a unique approach to consulting—listening and co-innovating with our clients to ensure lasting success.

Meegaan Technologies seamlessly enhances business agility, accessibility and deliver better business outcomes. All of this is done within a sound IT budget, we ensure that all the IT integration is cost effective.

What we do
  • Deliver a neatly architecture and seamlessly integrated IT environment with a governance framework that can adapt and evolve with changing business needs
  • Provide the perfect balance of services to enable the rapid deployment of new cloud-based solutions
  • Ensure governance and compliance are not compromised
  • Ensure privacy and security are not breached
  • Ensure 24×7 availability

Meegaan Technologies rigorously manages operations, focusing on quality and operational excellence, while offering competitive pricing. We build lasting partnerships based on trust and transparency. Our service delivery approach is rooted in operational excellence, and our management model puts accountability and leadership first. We deliver an agile IT environment that is accurately aligned with your business strategies and objectives. Our mission is to help you realize true business value from your IT investments.

Services we Offer
  • IT strategy: Developing IT strategy roadmaps to align IT plans with the business strategy and building business cases that enable the measurement and governance of IT value.
  • Application and Infrastructure optimization: Ensuring that your application and infrastructure is designed to give you the agility and reliability that your business needs by optimizing the use of IT modernization, core system renewal, and cloud technology.
  • IT Operations: Designing and implementing IT operating models that enable you to manage and govern IT service delivery quality, cost, and speed by using centers of excellence, bi-modal IT governance, and state-of-the-art IT service and vendor management.
  • Technical Architecture: Enabling you to define, plan, measure and manage the technical architecture services that underpin the delivery of technology services. We will work with you on technical architecture strategy, through to the details of designing and managing security, end-user computing, and infrastructure services.