Robotic Process Automation

Meegaan Technologies is helping organizations harness the true power of robotic process automation (RPA). We develop intelligent software robots and create your digital workforce. We use UiPath RPA platform for robot development.

Meegaan Technologies has the experience in undertaking UiPath RPA Projects and delivering them successfully in quick turnaround time. We are recognized expert in Robot Development. And having a development facility in India helps us provide extremely cost- effective robot development.

RPA is revolutionizing Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, IT, Telecom, Energy & utilities, Data Management, Human Resource and Contact Center industries by automating processes and reducing costs. There is a wide range of notable uses of RPA in these industry verticals. However, RPA has become a favorite across industries for generic functions. Some are listed below:

  • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
  • Data Migration, Data Manipulation, Data Entry and Data Validation
  • Automated Formatting
  • UI Manipulation
  • Web scraping
  • Text Mining
  • Workflow acceleration
  • Currency/Exchange rate processing
  • Invoice processing
  • Automated Report Generation
  • System reconciliation